IPHAR company group takes responsibility for the safety of its drugs both in development stage and after market launch.

We are constantly collecting and analyzing the safety and efficacy of our drugs and report this information to regulatory bodies and medical specialists.

If you have adverse effects when taking our drugs, inform our pharmacovigilance specialists by any convenient method.

You can file an adverse reaction report and send it to the following e-mail: ok_dep@iphar.ru.

You can also call our pharmacovigilance specialist: +7 906 951 71 00.

Sending an adverse effect reports confirms the patient’s consent to personal data processing and storage. All your personal data remains confidential and, in accordance with applicable laws, may not be disclosed to third parties without your written consent.

You can withdraw your consent by sending a written letter to our address: Elizarovikh str., 79/4, Tomsk, 634021, Russia, or a scanned copy to our e-mail: ok_dep@iphar.ru.  IPHAR company group shall immediately stop processing your personal data.