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Preclinical trials:
     Development of biologically active substances (BAS) production technology
    Technological works on finished products
       Clinical trials
  • phase I
  • phase II
  • phase III
  •  phase IV
  • Comparative bioequivalence studies
         Registration of BAS and medicinal preparations
  • Development of a medicinal preparation Master File
  • Carrying out a registration procedure
    Drugs, biologically active substances, and food supplements patenting
Development and registration of biologically active food supplements
  • Professional design of a biologically active food supplement composition according to a client’s requirements
  • A biologically active food supplement preclinical trials
  • Development of a biologically active food supplement production technology
  • Clinical trials
  • Pilot samples production
  • Development of a medicinal preparation Master File for its subsequent registration
  • Registration of a biologically active food supplement
  • Production of a biologically active food supplement in compliance with a contract concluded
           ИФАР (Инновационные фармакологические разработки)
Special offer
Overall solutions for drugs and biologically active food supplements production

Development and patenting of a generic drug

Development of a generic drug equivalent to a selected prototype


Development of drugs possessing prolonged action

Development of sublingual drugs

Development of liquid medicinal preparations based on a poorly soluble substance

Unique professional solutions of unconventional tasks in compliance with marketing specialists requirements

Development of a medicinal preparation Master File in compliance with European Pharmacopoeia.

Veniamin Khazanov, the head of IPHAR Co., Ltd.

Veniamin Khazanov is a Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, pharmacologist, biochemist and a specialist in drug design and development. In 1976 Veniamin Khazanov has graduated the Medical Faculty of Tomsk Medical Institute.

From 1976 till 1984 he was a post-graduate and researcher at the Pharmacology Department of Tomsk Medical Institute. He had training courses at the Research Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics (Russian Academy of Sciences) in Pushchino and at the Pennsylvania University of Philadelphia, USA.

Since 1984 he participated in the foundation of Tomsk Research Institute of Pharmacology (Russian Academy of Sciences, Siberian Branch) and carried out equipment acquisition in all departments of the Institute, ensuring its installation, adjustment and starting-up.

Veniamin Khazanov has created and supervised the laboratory of Molecular Pharmacology at Tomsk Institute of Pharmacology. Dealing with fundamental research, Veniamin Khazanov has founded a new scientific concept of energy metabolism pharmacological regulation (approved by the Presidium of Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences). Creation of a new class of medicines called energy metabolism regulators was a practical realisation of his fundamental research.

Veniamin Khazanov is an author of a number of Russian Federation patents, based on which  a number of innovative drugs is being developed. Veniamin Khazanov also performs international patenting of his inventions.

Veniamin Khazanov is an organiser of multi-centre clinical studies of drugs in various spheres of medicine (pediatry, gerontology, therapy, cardiology, neurology, pulmonology, endocrinology, hepatology, urology, andrology, oncology, phthisiology, infectious diseases, obstetrics, gynecology, occupational diseases, physiotherapy and balneology).

He is an organiser of the first pharmaco-economic research of energy metabolism regulators in Russia. Since 2002 Veniamin Khazanov has been an organiser and a chairman of annual Russian symposia on energy metabolism pharmacological regulation.

Veniamin Khazanov is an author of more than 100 scientific publications on pharmacology. He is a supervisor of 3 doctoral and more than 10 candidate theses devoted to fundamental and applied research concerned with drug design.

Veniamin Khazanov had been a supervisor of contract R&D (Research and Development) on drug development at the Institute of Pharmacology for different pharmaceutical companies (over 30 drug studies).

Veniamin Khazanov had been an organiser and the head of the first Department on drug pharmacokinetics research in Siberia and Far East, located at the Institute of Pharmacology. He had also been an organiser and the head of training courses on drug quality control, intended for specialists in pharmaceutics and the State Control Organisation.

In 1994, as a winner of the All-Russian competition, Veniamin Khazanov had completed a training course in the USA on pharmaceutical business, development and organisation of drug production in compliance with international quality standards (Good Laboratory Practice, Good Clinical Practice, Good Manufacturing Practice), organised by the US governmental program  “Business for Russia”.

Veniamin Khazanov is an initiator of the partnership between his research group, comprising the developers and producers of drugs and biologically active substances, and Tomsk Institute of Pharmacology of the Siberian branch of Russian Academy of Sciences. Such collaboration made possible an extended and full-cycle development of pharmaceutical drugs including the supervision of drug manufacturing industrial scaling up.

Since 2007 Veniamin Khazanov has initiated several international projects of development of drugs and biologically active substances for European pharmaceutical companies.

As a president of an innovative company, Veniamin Khazanov became a winner of the Russian contest of companies, selected for the international TASIS project, for bringing out Russian goods and services to the European market.

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