GRS – cardiovascular drug (Phase I clinical trial), patented small molecule, first-in-class antithrombotic drug – a soluble guanylyl cyclase stimulator.

Main advantages:

-           prevents atherothrombosis simultaneously at 3 levels: reversibly inhibits platelet aggregation, normalizes blood pressure and prevents atherosclerosis (unlike the known antithrombotic drugs);

-           high therapeutic range (over 10 times better than that of any competitors);

-           independence from liver metabolism - low risk of drug interaction and activity fluctuation (inherent in competitors).

Due to this, GRS is a potential blockbuster drug for preventing and treating thrombosis and reducing the risk of life-threatening conditions (acute coronary syndrome, myocardial infarction, stroke) in patients with cardiovascular diseases and/or invasive surgery (such as stenting, implantation, endoprosthesis).

Market: over $27 B/year (2018) with high growth rate.

IP: US, EU, Russian patents.

Current status. API and dosage form are developed. Preclinical studies are completed. Phase I clinical trial will be completed in March 2020.

Anticipated Highlights:

2020 – opening a subsidiary company in the EU or the USA for the project commercialization;

2020-2022 – Phase II clinical trials (EU, USA);

2023-2025 – Phase III clinical trials (EU, USA);

2023-2025 – Project sale to a Pharma company.