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Preclinical trials:
     Development of biologically active substances (BAS) production technology
    Technological works on finished products
       Clinical trials
  • phase I
  • phase II
  • phase III
  •  phase IV
  • Comparative bioequivalence studies
         Registration of BAS and medicinal preparations
  • Development of a medicinal preparation Master File
  • Carrying out a registration procedure
    Drugs, biologically active substances, and food supplements patenting
Development and registration of biologically active food supplements
  • Professional design of a biologically active food supplement composition according to a client’s requirements
  • A biologically active food supplement preclinical trials
  • Development of a biologically active food supplement production technology
  • Clinical trials
  • Pilot samples production
  • Development of a medicinal preparation Master File for its subsequent registration
  • Registration of a biologically active food supplement
  • Production of a biologically active food supplement in compliance with a contract concluded
           ИФАР (Инновационные фармакологические разработки)
Special offer
Overall solutions for drugs and biologically active food supplements production

Development and patenting of a generic drug

Development of a generic drug equivalent to a selected prototype


Development of drugs possessing prolonged action

Development of sublingual drugs

Development of liquid medicinal preparations based on a poorly soluble substance

Unique professional solutions of unconventional tasks in compliance with marketing specialists requirements

Development of a medicinal preparation Master File in compliance with European Pharmacopoeia.


The company carries out the following kinds of work:

  • Identifying biologically active compounds of both synthetic and natural origin for their further use as pharmaceutical substance.

  • Pharmacological activity study of biologically active compounds in different disease models for possible development of novel drugs.

  • Development of manufacturing technology of biologically active compounds and pharmaceutical substances based on them.

  • Study of different types of toxicity of biologically active compounds.

  • Detailed study of pharmacological activity and toxicity of a new biologically active compound.

  • Development of standard specifications for pharmaceutical substances and drugs (Technological regulation, Pharmacopoeia monograph).

  • Development of new drugs based on new biologically active compounds.

  • Dosage form development.

  • Optimization of production technology of test batches.

  • Pharmacokinetic study of new drugs.

  • Compiling a Registration Dossier for drug registration.

  • Producing pilot samples of drugs for registration.

  • Drug registration and obtaining clinical trial permission.

  • Clinical trials. Production of pilot samples of drugs for clinical trials.

  • Compiling clinical trial report and filing it to the drug registration authority.

  • Obtaining a registration certificate for a new drug.

  • New API and drug patenting.

  • Contract preclinical and clinical trials of drugs for other organizations.

  • Development of functional food products, including food supplements, based on new biologically active compounds.

  • Preclinical and clinical trials of functional food products.

  • Functional food product production technology.

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