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Preclinical trials:
     Development of biologically active substances (BAS) production technology
    Technological works on finished products
       Clinical trials
  • phase I
  • phase II
  • phase III
  •  phase IV
  • Comparative bioequivalence studies
         Registration of BAS and medicinal preparations
  • Development of a medicinal preparation Master File
  • Carrying out a registration procedure
    Drugs, biologically active substances, and food supplements patenting
Development and registration of biologically active food supplements
  • Professional design of a biologically active food supplement composition according to a client’s requirements
  • A biologically active food supplement preclinical trials
  • Development of a biologically active food supplement production technology
  • Clinical trials
  • Pilot samples production
  • Development of a medicinal preparation Master File for its subsequent registration
  • Registration of a biologically active food supplement
  • Production of a biologically active food supplement in compliance with a contract concluded
           ИФАР (Инновационные фармакологические разработки)
Special offer
Overall solutions for drugs and biologically active food supplements production

Development and patenting of a generic drug

Development of a generic drug equivalent to a selected prototype


Development of drugs possessing prolonged action

Development of sublingual drugs

Development of liquid medicinal preparations based on a poorly soluble substance

Unique professional solutions of unconventional tasks in compliance with marketing specialists requirements

Development of a medicinal preparation Master File in compliance with European Pharmacopoeia.

About Us



The Company performs the development and study of innovative drugs and biologically active substances based on synthetic and natural raw materials (including those of vegetable, animal, or biosynthetic origin) in compliance with international requirements using modern methods and technology;


Development of pilot samples of medical drugs using modern technological approaches and their complete analysis (chemical, microbiological, pharmaceutical, pharmacological, and clinical);

Production of test batches;

Registration of new drugs and biologically active substances in Russia (as pharmaceutical substances) and their introduction into industrial production.


All work is carried out using the Company’s own scientific and technical equipment as well as technological, scientific, and clinical facilities of more than 10 organizations and partners in Tomsk and other regions of Russia, keeping up a long-term collaboration with our company.


All work is carried out by qualified specialists and experts in different fields of science such as pharmacology, pharmaceutical technology and chemistry, analytical chemistry, microbiology, practical medicine etc. The head of the company is Professor Veniamin Khazanov, MD, PhD, DSci in pharmacology.


Development and studies of drugs are carried out in compliance with the requirements of Russian and European pharmacopoeias.

All work performed by the Company or its partners is conducted in compliance with the Standards of ISO 9000 series (e.g. ISO 9001-2000) and GLP, GCP, and GMP regulations.


IPHAR also performs the development and registration of functional food products such as food supplements, premixes and substances for their production


All developed technology, biologically active substances, and drugs undergo expert examination and patent protection.


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