PAV analgesic drug (project company Grand, LLC)

PAV is an innovative analgesic drug – an antagonist of bradykinin receptors. It combines potency and safety in long-term use, unachievable for the existing analgesics.

Patent profile: patents and patent applications in Russia, EAPO, USA, EU, China, India, Japan.

Indications for use:

– mono- and combined therapy of acute and chronic pain in arthritis (osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.), trauma and surgery;

– treatment of chronic pain in cancer patients as a monotherapy (instead of NSAIDs) at early disease stage, and in combination with oral opioid analgesics at later stages;

– treatment of neuropathic pain of any cause in combination with anticonvulsant and myorelaxant drugs;

– treatment of pain in dental care, sore throat and ear pain.

Main advantages:

– high analgesic activity in wide dose range (0.01 – 1.0 mg/kg oral, rodents), expected therapeutic dose in humans is 0.5-1.0 mg – much lower than any NSAIDs and most opioids;

– high therapeutic index: LD50/ED50 ratio is 1-2 magnitudes higher than any known analgesic drug – eliminating the risk of dangerous overdose;

– absence of severe adverse effects in therapeutic doses, inherent in narcotic analgesics (psychotropic action, addiction, withdrawal syndrome) and NSAIDs (ulcerogenic effects, cardiac, liver and kidney toxicity).

Current status: Substance and dosage form are developed. Pilot batches for preclinical and clinical studies are produced.  Phase Ia and Ib clinical trials (in healthy volunteers) are finishing in November 2023. Substance and drug production technology transfer to a production facility (JSC “Organica”) is ongoing.