PAV (preclinical studies) is a first-in-class analgesic drug, a bradykinin receptor antagonist, a patented small molecule. It combines the potency of narcotic analgesics and high safety in long-term use, unachievable by the existing analgesics.

Main advantages (confirmed in preclinical studies):

−High efficacy in doses as low as 0.05-1.0 mg/kg (in rodents), expected therapeutic dose in humans is 0.5-1.0 mg – lower than any NSAID and most opioids;

−Low toxicity:  LD50/ED50 ratio is over 20 000 – 2-3 magnitudes higher than any known analgesic drug, eliminating the risk of overdose;

−Absence of adverse effects, inherent in narcotic analgesics (psychotropic action, addiction, withdrawal syndrome) and NSAIDs (ulcerogenic effects, cardiac, liver and kidney toxicity).

Thanks to its unique efficacy and safety profile, PAV is suitable for treating severe and chronic pain in arthritis and cancer.

Current status: API is developed; oral, parenteral and topical dosage forms are being developed.

Intellectual property: Russian patent 2701557, РСТ application PCT/RU2018/000907, patenting is ongoing in the EU, USA, China, Japan and other countries.

Investments and commercialization prospects:

– Russia – a Russian pharmaceutical company is investing in the project and shall purchase the rights to Russian and EAEU markets. Drug sales start in 2024. Potential sales at Russian and EAEU markets may reach 1 billion RUB/year.

– Global market – the project is open for venture investors, interested in developing the project at key foreign markets (USA, EU, China, Japan, India, etc). Investment requirements are $15-20M during 2021-2024 (up to the completion of Phase II clinical trials). Potential growth in project value is over $1 billion.